Abbie Watches Stuff is written by me, Abbie.  At some point I may give it a proper name, but the title reflects fairly well what it’s about. I like watching films and TV, and love writing, so this blog is just me putting those things together in a slapdash manner. This blog will hopefully serve as a reminder of all the films and shows I have watched, so I will no longer get 20 minutes into a film and think “yep, I HAVE seen this”. I started writing stuff here in August 2013, although have written for print since 1997. Yes, I’m over 21. I live in the UK, and spend time in Portsmouth and London.


The lovely Davide Peretta over at Black is White blog nominated me for a Liebster Award, (Thank you, Davide!) one of those nice “getting to know you” things for new bloggers. As part of it Davide posed 10 questions to me and the 10 other bloggers he nominated (which are all ace and are listed on his blog), which I thought might serve as a nice addition to this “About” page, which has been pretty sparsely populated. So here they are:

1. What’s your favorite thing to eat while you’re watching a movie?

I know popcorn is a cliche, but as of a few nights ago it is now wasabi and sweet ginger popcorn from the lovely Portlebay Popcorn. Although all their flavours are amazing too though.

2. One thing you’ll never try? Not even once (besides meth).

Hmm… Cave diving. Why would anyone do that? Apart from to give horror writers something to write about, obviously.

3. What actor/actress do you think looks like you?

I don’t think any actress or actor is unfortunate enough to look like me! If pushed to an answer (I haven’t been, but will pretend) I guess I fall somewhere on the spectrum between Rebecca De Mornay and the lovely Kathy Burke.

4. Who’s your favourite person in the world?

Got to be my Mum, really.

5. What’s the most disgusting thing ever?

Possibly lettuce, which is utterly pointless. Although on reflection maybe I should say genocide.

6. What’s your favorite colour-palette?

In films I am a sucker for muted blues and greys. In real life I am fond of reds. And blues. And monochrome. Sometimes yellows. Yeah, I like colours.

7. What’s your idea of a perfect day?

I’m a simple soul, so it would be getting up, walking my dogs by the sea or through a forest, spending some time writing, watching a movie, then possible getting in my invisible Stealth bomber and heading off to New York for dinner.

8. What’s your favorite weekday?

Thursday. I am normally able to wake up when my alarm goes off by Thursday.

9. Are you happy (now)?

Yes. My life is pretty good.

10. Do aliens exist?

Of course. There are far too many planets out there for extraterrestrial life to be hiding on. Plus, who else would have built the pyramids. You’ve seen Stargate, right?!


Please do get in touch if you have any comments or questions. You can contact me about anything using this form.


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