The weird world of shifter-erotica: From werebees to gay cuttlefish

The joy of the internet is the endless possibilities it offers. It enables us to have access to different cultures, different points of view, and some alternative literary styles. No longer is writing limited to works deemed commercial enough to publish. Anyone can write a Kindle ebook and upload it to Amazon. The result has been some amazing self-published work, from works which crossed into the mainstream such as 50 Shades of Grey, to some more weird and wonderful offerings. Among the latter category sits the wonderfully weird world of ‘Shifter-erotica’. The stories see humans meeting with shape-shifting animals in various guises and, yes, having erotic adventures with them. The animals most commonly featured are wolves, bears or big cats, but then there are a few which are distinctly (further) off the beaten track. Here’s a list of a few of the best (covers- I haven’t READ any of them) and some Amazon comments:

Seduced by Werebees: Taken by Swarm by A M Ball


After all, what’s sexier than a swarm of angry bees? That’s right, WEREbees.

Amazon reviewers say: “Werebees aren’t something I had considered hot before. But after reading this, well I might have a new fetish. For anyone who loves to indulge themselves, and to treat themselves to tons of tasty sugary goodness – this book is for you. It’s cute, sexy, and definitely HOT.”

Out on a Limb by Luna Loupe


Loupe is a prolific writer of shifter-erotica and some of her titles are the most entertaining on the internet. ‘Out on a limb’ is gay shifter-erotica. Firemen saving cats from trees just got sexy. YOU HEARD. You can read more about Luna here. Sadly no-one on Amazon has reviewed this as yet. I imagine it’s genius.

T-Rex Troubles by Christine Sims

screen-shot-2013-10-07-at-11-03-09-am (1)

What could possibly be more erotic than living animals? That is correct. The answer is dinosaurs. Sexy, sexy dinosaurs. This is not strictly shifter-erotica, but it was too good to leave off my list.

“Naked and alone, Layla bargains with the beast: her body for her life. “

An Amazon user review says “It has to be seen to be believed. I read it for a laugh, and I got that… and horror. The least sexy erotica ever, my vagina might have shriveled up, but I laughed all night. I MADE MY CHOICE.”

If dinosaur porn is your bag, you can see more on Cracked here.

Catgirl and the Orc Women– Luna Loupe


It’s Luna again, this time branching out into lesbian cat/orc erotica.

““Florence,” she breathed, lightly resting her hands on my hips. I could feel the tips of her claws through my shift. She leaned forward. “Why don’t you relax for once? I can help you,” she whispered into my ear.”

Unfortunately no-one on Amazon has reviewed this as yet.

Someone to Cuttle– Luna Loupe


Yes, it’s our lady Luna again. This time she leads us to a world where boy meets cuttlefish. “Paul found himself surrounded by the three cuttle-shifters, all of them naked, all of them eager to get his clothes off him. What the hell, why not, he thought. It was a vacation, after all.”

This also has some of my favourite Amazon user reviews:

“Highly recommend it for the inkers out there and anyone who enjoys the thought of putting a new bone into an invertebrate.”

“I wanted gay oyster shape-shifter erotica, but until the world is ready to except same sex mollusk/human relationships, this will have to do…”

and finally…

“im sure nobody will read this but sometimes i like to cover myself in lube and pretend im a slug”

I am drawing this list to a close now before my Amazon recommendations are tainted forever. 


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  1. Alina (literaryvittles) · November 15, 2014

    oh god i’m dying, haha!!!

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