Toast of London Season 2- our favourite jobbing thespian is back


Ray Purchase! Clem Fandango! Jane Plough! Yes, some of the most-marvellously-monikered characters on TV are back in season 2 of Toast of London. Season 1 suffered somewhat from odd scheduling, so was missed by many comedy fans. However, it’s stint on 4OD and Amazon Prime has ensured it has reached a wider audience, and gained a few fanatical fans. OK, I’ll confess, I’m one of them.

Matt Berry’s portrayal of the self-important jobbing actor Steven Toast is a thing of beauty, as we follow his career path through his stint in “the worst play in the West End” , to assassination attempts by Michael Ball, to his many voice-over jobs with the aforementioned Clem Fandango.

If you have yet to find yourself lost in the insane and frankly sexual world of Steven Toast you can still catch up on Amazon Prime or 4OD  in preparation for the start of season 2.

Season 2 of Toast of London starts on Channel 4 at 10:35pm on Monday 3rd November 2014.


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