Mistaken for Strangers (2013) : A rock doc filled with brotherly love



Directed by: Stars:Tom Berninger Starring: Tom BerningerMatt BerningerBryce Dessner

The blurb says: “Tom Berninger chronicles his time spent on the road as a member of the tour crew for The National, the rock & roll band fronted by his brother, Matt.”

The verdict: Matt Berninger was a star sportsman, a top scholar and ended up being in a Billboard-chart bothering indie-rock band. His younger brother, Tom lived at home with his parents, and constantly lived in his brother’s shadow. Upon finding himself “between jobs” Tom is offered the chance to go on the road with his brother’s band, and used the opportunity to explore one of his loves, film-making. Having previously dabbled in horror shorts, the rest of the band and their management were understandably skeptical about the potential outcomes from Tom’s project. Thanks to a strong steering hand from Matt’s wife, ex-fiction editor for The New Yorker, Carin Besser, what emerges from the brothers’ time together is something rather magical. You don’t have to be a fan of The National, or even a fan of music in particular to enjoy this funny, touching tale of two very different brothers both finding their way in the world.

You can find out more about the film here: http://dogwoof.com/mistakenforstrangers

7 out of 10


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