Amazon revamps Lovefilm to take on Netflix



Now this is an intriguing turn of events for all of us screen junkies… The Guardian reported today that Amazon are taking heed of the popularity of Netflix and are re-vamping the way we buy and access films through their Lovefilm arm. You can read The Guardian article here:

Amazon takes on Netflix with rebrand of Lovefilm video-on-demand service

Essentially they will be bundling together their Prime delivery service with Lovefilm, rebranding it as “Prime Instant Video” enabling you to get both movies and reductions on books and DVDs for £6:58 a month, just 59p more than the current cost of a Lovefilm or Netflix subscription. Now the challenge to Netflix will really come in terms of movie selection, as currently Lovefilm has a much bigger range, especially since the January purge. However, Netflix has it’s original programming, which to date has been exceptional (let’s ignore Hemlock Grove), whereas Amazon originals have been… well, can you name any of them? However Amazon have big buying power, so it is likely the rights to Game of Thrones (currently on Blinkbox), Walking Dead etc will stay with them, meaning a tough choice for TV nerds.

I suspect what will happen is many of us will subscribe to both services if we have the money, as both offer consumers the option to view in whichever way we like, which for me is often monumental binges followed by stopping a series halfway through only to pick it up later in the month. Now will this make the traditional TV channels start upping the offer of their online  and on demand services, and start seeing them leaving series up online for more than a week after the air date?

One thing is for sure, I am going to need to get my broadband connection functioning more smoothly, as I am going to be doing A LOT of streaming.

So, which is your preferred online streaming option? Will the bundle with Amazon Prime mean you are more likely to subscribe to their service?

Let the battle commence!


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