Ruby Sparks (2012)



Directed by: Jonathan DaytonValerie Faris Written by: Zoe Kazan Starring: Paul DanoZoe KazanAnnette Bening

Paul Dano plays writer Calvin, who had early success with a brilliant novel he wrote as a teenager. Ten years down the line and Calvin has a serious case of writers block and is seeking the help of a therapist as he feels utterly hopeless. To help him overcome both his issues with writing and his loneliness he starts writing about his dream girl, Ruby, who to his surprise materialises in his house.

Despite being his own creation, Calvin soon begins to find that his relationship with the real Ruby is not conforming to his ideas of perfection,  despite being able to manipulate many of her actions through his writing, and she begins to form her own ideas and opinions, having needs and interests beyond him.

Some great writing from Kazan, along with some (understandable) chemistry with her real-life beau Dano make this a cut above your standard rom-com.

Part Pinocchio, part Stranger than Fiction, with a bit of Woody Allen thrown in, Ruby Sparks is touching, clever and funny. It is a romantic comedy that manages to avoid falling into twee-dom, and takes a smart, honest and observant look at relationships.


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