What were your most disappointing films of 2013? or The Worst Films of 2013 and other lists


What were you most disappointing viewing experiences of 2013?

It’s that time of year again. The time we all look forward to all year, where we can all gather round, with joy in our hearts and hope in our minds and write lists. Lists of our favourite things, and lists of our least favourite things, written while pouring over Google to find out if said things were actually released in 2013 maybe just MADE in 2012. Top tens everywhere. Then when we’re done with writing our lists we can then look at the hundreds of others lists that people around the world have written about things. Perhaps list the lists in order of our favourite lists.  Lists. Be assured, I will probably also write a list before the year is out.

For now though let’s just look at Time Magazine’s  list of the 10 worst films of the year . It’s an interesting selection.

  1. Grown Ups 2
  2. Salinger
  3. The Host
  4. After Earth
  5. R.I.P.D.
  6. Only God Forgives
  7. The Big Wedding
  8. The Counsellor
  9. Oz the Great and Powerful
  10. The Hangover III

I haven’t had the pleasure (?) of seeing all the films on the list, but it is good to see Only God Forgives making it on there, as it’s particular crime was thinking it was far, far better than it actually was. Nicholas Winding Refn made a film that was both horrific, pretentious and made audiences actively dislike Ryan Gosling- not because of the character he plays, but because he let himself get caught up in that offensive drivel.

Oz the Great and Powerful was a surprise addition though, as while it wasn’t a great movie, it was well put together and didn’t have ideas above it’s station (although the argument could be made that making a prequel to The Wizard of Oz was foolish in itself).

In fact a few of the films that made Time’s list aren’t so much out-right bad films as just disappointing, (with the exception perhaps of  Grown Ups 2, which I am in no way defending and should never, ever have been made).  Most of these are mainstream, big budget movies that perhaps went awry, (again excluding Grown-Ups 2).  Where are the likes of The Starving Games and whichever number Scary Movie we’re up to now? Or are those just expected to be bad, so not worthy of inclusion?

This opens me up to ask:

What do you think the worst films of 2013 were and why?


Which film left you most disappointed?



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