This is the End (2013)


Written and directed by: Evan GoldbergSeth Rogen

Stars: James FrancoJonah HillSeth Rogen, Jay Baruchel

(Ok, so I cut down the cast list as it actually is a who’s who of current US comedy stars, but it would take up the whole blog to list them. Instead you can see the full cast list here.)

This ultimate in meta-concept films  sees Seth Rogen (playing a fictional Seth Rogen) picking up Jay Baruchel (playing Jay Baruchel) at LAX, and they embark on a weekend of boys fun, which largely involves smoking weed and playing video games. Rogen then suggests going to a small gathering at James Franco’s (playing James… you get the idea) newly built super-house. This turns out to be rather more than a small gathering, and more like a rehearsal for an Oscars after party, with half of Hollywood in situ. While comedians and actors (and Rihanna, again showing acting is not her forte, despite playing herself) party, Jay and Seth go on a mission to a shop, and the end of the world begins. Quite literally. Earthquakes, fire, blue lights from the sky…

What follows over the next 90 minutes is both ridiculous and hilarious, if a little too long to be able to maintain the early momentum. If you don’t find jokes about jizz and penises funny, you should definitely steer clear, as there are A LOT of jokes about jizz and penises. For example, an exchange between Franco and  Danny McBride leads to this little speech:

 “Everything I’ve been doing has just been a cry for help. When I came into your magazine James, it was a cum for help. I’ve just been crying and cumming, crying and cumming. Tears from the tip of my penis dudes.”

It’s largely dumb stoner humour, with a thinly veiled commentary on the perceived excesses of Hollywood, but it’s good fun and gives a couple of good belly laughs. You think Michael Cera’s coked up alter-ego has stolen the show at the start of the film, but then Channing Tatum’s appears… Oh my. Ultimately it may just be a massive PR exercise for all of it’s stars as you can’t help but like them all a little more for their self-deprecating performances. Except Paul Rudd. There is no way to like Paul Rudd more.

4 out of 5


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