It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S09EP1: “The Gang broke Dee



Theeeyyy’reee back! Yes, that should be said in the most sinister voice you can imagine. Now in season 9, the Gang from Paddy’s bar are back for more cynical, offensive and downright mean laughs. Dennis, Mac, Dee, Charlie and Frank have switched channels in the US, with the show being used to help launch new channel FXX (which is apparently aimed at men aged 18-34), but the show is still very much the same glorious monster.

If you’re unfamiliar with the previous 8 seasons then IGN have written a great top ten of the best episodes to date, or you could look at Slate magazine’s article on Gateway episodes  in case you want to dip your toe into ‘Sunny’s very murky waters.  If you’re a fan of gentle wordplay and whimsy, this is not the show for you. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is unashamedly cruel, dark and is wonderfully funny as a result.

“The Gang broke Dee” does not stray far from the normal formula of The Gang getting into increasingly ludicrous and sticky situations, while constantly being horrendously mean to one another.

Sweet Dee

The episode begins with Dee in a slump. We find her eating “trash cake” and smoking, seemingly not having showered in quite some time. She has given up fighting back against the boys’ constant abuse and name-calling, and has therefore given up on life. In an effort to shake her out of her stupor, the boys come up with two different plans. Frank, Mac and Charlie decide re-starting her stand-up comedy career will help her, whereas Dennis thinks finding her a nice, mediocre, not-very-attractive man is the key. So the two groups decide to plough ahead with their respective plans with varying degrees of success.

This episode is almost a one joke affair. While there are laughs along the way, really it is all about the pay-off at the end (which I won’t give away). Kaitlin Olson is magnificent as ever as Dee, with her trademark dry heaving doubtless causing a chain reaction of sympathy-gagging around the world. Her interplay with her sociopath twin-brother Dennis (Glenn Howerton) is as creepy and dysfunctional as ever, and there are some brilliantly quotable lines. For example:

“I would like to find you a man. A man to settle down with. I’m not talking about a smart man, not a handsome man, but a very, very average, if not below average man to take you off our hands forever.” Dennis Reynolds

“I passed out at the park the other day and a couple of kids wrote “Wash Me” in the filth on my vagina” Dee Reynolds

“Vagina! A woman said vagina!” Ronald “Mac” McDonald

It was mean, it was offensive, it was dark and I loved it. Welcome back, ‘Sunny!


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